• ta pa un fcb

  • elle est bone ta nana

  • Lâche ton com'

  • i am a nice guy I thank God for giving me the strength and courage thank you to all those who love me and all those who love me pa bitterness and jealousy are friends but are pa peers mabway of a bitter man God has allowed it to be my time because he wanted to and because q'uil has decided
    Love me and I love you
    I'm rude pa
    pa I'm what you think of me
    I'm very young and I was there as a young
    God will decide my fate and God will always give me the strength to do Insha Allah.
    my real friends are ac me and my true friends are my ac
    my enemies are ac ossi me but I will know my true friends and false friends
    I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!